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Why are cognitive distractions so dangerous?

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2020 | Firm News

West Virginia drivers face a barrage of distraction every time they hit the road. Some tools like hands-free tech aim to reduce these distractions. But how much danger can these devices cut back?

Today we will look at three types of distractions drivers may encounter on the road. We will focus on cognitive distractions, which are often the most encompassing. They can have a big impact on driver safety.

Physical and visual distractions on the road

The National Safety Council says hands-free tech does not guarantee driver safety. In it, they talk about the three primary types of distractions drivers face. This includes physical, visual and cognitive distractions. Anything that takes your eyes off the road is a visual distraction. Physical distractions keep your hands away from the wheel. Hands-free tech may help with these two aspects. But other physical and visual distractions exist outside of your on-board tech.

Why cognitive distractions are so dangerous

Cognitive distractions encompass anything that takes your mind off of driving. This covers a very broad range. For example, talking to passengers may distract you. So can changing your radio station or adjusting the temperature in your car. Operating hands-free devices may distract you. This is true even if you do not use your hands or look at the screen.

Because cognitive distractions are so prevalent, they are also dangerous. A driver comes across tons of external and internal cognitive distractions every day. Drivers must learn to recognize cognitive distractions and combat them as they appear. This is one way to keep themselves and other drivers safe on the road. Do not discount the dangers of a distracted mind.