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Is road rash severe?

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2020 | Auto Accident Injuries

West Virginia motorcyclists face many risks that drivers of covered vehicles do not. For example, the rate of traumatic brain injury is higher. Why? Because even with helmets, motorcyclists are more likely to hit the road. Another risk unique to motorcyclists is road rash, which we will discuss today.

VeryWell Health provides ample information on the risks that road rash pose. The mild cases of road rash are not a big concern. In fact, many sufferers treat themselves at home. Medical professionals suggest going to a doctor at least once, though. It is important to be thorough with disinfection. A doctor will ensure all debris is gone. They have medical grade ointments to apply that help with disinfection. They can give pointers on keeping the area clean as well.

For moderate to severe road rash, a doctor is necessary. This type of damage has a lasting impact on the body. Lacerations extend beyond the surface layer of the skin. In some cases, lacerations cut through muscle and even reach bone. With this level of trauma, surgery is sometimes needed. Skin grafts are not uncommon. If too much skin is missing, your chance of suffering from infection rises. Severe infection like gangrene or sepsis may occur.

The damage from severe road burn can take months or even years to heal from. Victims often deal with scarring and disfigurement that lasts a lifetime. Some even need physical therapy. This depends on the location of the wound and the amount of deep tissue damaged. You should not take these injuries lightly. Anyone suffering from them should seek immediate medical care.