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Verdicts & Settlements

A Sample Of Some Of The Firm’s Jury Verdicts Following Trial

$2,300,000 breach of privacy involving the disclosure of psychiatric records by University Health Associates, the keeper of the outpatient records at Chestnut Ridge Hospital, which was owned by WVU. Monongalia Co. WV. Believed to be the largest verdict of its kind in the history of the state of West Virginia.

$1,300,000 insurance bad faith against Grange Insurance Company arising out of the improper handling and delay of payment in an underinsured motor vehicle claim from an auto crash. Ohio County, WV

$745,000 work site injury case against employer. Explosion in confined space resulting in partial hearing loss.

$600,000 auto crash – cervical injury with surgery. Marshall Co. WV

$450,000 coal mine on the job injury to back. Verdict against Consolidation Coal Company. This case also involved a $600,000 settlement with the manufacturer of coal mine equipment that allegedly was defective in design. Monongalia Co. WV

$155,000 auto crash for soft tissue injuries to the back and fibromyalgia. Ohio Co. WV

$80,000 auto crash – Temporomandibular joint injury. Ohio Co. WV

$70,000 auto crash – soft tissue injury to neck/back. Marshall Co. WV

$60,000 auto crash for soft tissue injuries to back. Belmont Co. OH

A Sample Of Settlements Achieved By The Firm

$20,000,000 work site death

$10,000,000 work site injury and burns

$6,500,000 medical malpractice arising from an injury at birth due to a hospital’s initial failure to admit the mother and then the delay in performing a required C-Section.

$5,000,000 work site injury and burns

$3,200,000 medical malpractice against hospital and doctor arising from the treatment of the patient with medications that she was known to be allergic to, resulting in anaphylactic shock and brain injury due to the lack of oxygen. In addition, the hospital attempted CPR with chest compressions on a patient who had previously had her sternum removed, causing additional harm.

$2,750,000 auto crash case resulting in a fractured pelvis and multiple other fractures and injuries. Case was against a commercial/business defendant.

$1,900,000 insurance bad faith, delay in settlement and denials of valid claim in an auto crash case.

$1,500,000 medical malpractice in the state of Pennsylvania against a hospital and physician arising from the failure to do a proper assessment of female patient with heart related symptoms, who, within 10 hours of discharge from the emergency room suffered a heart attack and death. The case also involved allegations that the treating doctor altered the medical records after learning of the patient’s death.

$1,300,000 logging incident resulting in a bulldozer running on top of an underage worker resulting in severe degloving of the leg muscle and skin and various other fractures and injuries. The claim was asserted against the property owner who had knowledge of the logger’s poor business practices.

$1,100,000 insurance bad faith arising from the mishandling and delay in settlement of an auto crash case.

$875,000 work site injury arising from the collapse of a building that was being demolished- Back injury and surgery.

$750,000 insurance bad faith for the failure of the first party insurance carrier to properly handle an underinsured motorist claim and failure to increase the coverage as a matter of law based upon the lack of a commercially reasonable offer of insurance coverage.

$725,000 work site injury from a fall. Head injury and fractures.

$700,000 medical malpractice arising from the misreading of radiology films which resulted in the failure to diagnose cancer of the throat.

$625,000 insurance bad faith arising from the failure to properly handle and settle a clear liability auto crash case.

$525,000 medical malpractice arising from the misdiagnosis of constrictive pericarditis, a dangerous heart condition.

$450,000 medical malpractice for negligent knee replacement surgery including using the wrong size prosthetic device resulting in a re-do of the knee replacement and complications.

$425,000 medical malpractice arising from the placement of an anesthesia tube, which in turn caused the severe displacement of the jaw and subsequent jaw surgery.

$400,000 insurance bad faith as a result of insurance company’s mishandling of an auto crash case.

$300,000 medical malpractice arising from the removal of a necessary breathing device from the patient’s hospital room which in turn resulted in a cardio-pulmonary event that would eventually lead to the death of the elderly patient.

$290,000 slip and fall at a municipal facility resulting in occipital nerve injury.

$260,000 product liability claim against the aftermarket manufacturer of commercial delivery vehicle for the failure to have a full chest and lap seatbelt installed thereby causing increased injury to the occupant.

$250,000 auto crash resulting in death. Case involved the successful stacking of household auto polices and the increase in the available limits of insurance by operation of law due to the insurance company’s failure to make a commercially reasonable offer of the coverage.

$200,000 insurance bad faith for the delay in properly settling a work place injury case.

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