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Is your loved one’s nursing home guilty of neglect?

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2020 | Medical Malpractice

Leaving your loved one in the care of a nursing home facility is a difficult decision. You expect that he or she have the best possible care. Unfortunately, some nursing homes fall short of the standard of care. How do you know if your nursing home neglected your loved one? 

Poor hygiene is a major red flag when it comes to nursing homes. Most residents require help with personal hygiene and preparing for the day. If your loved one has messy hair, long nails or looks as though he or she has not bathed or showered, there is a chance that your loved one is suffering from neglect and abuse. In addition to personal hygiene, your loved one should be in sanitary living conditions. Residents, according to Next Avenue, should have a safe and clean facility. 

On top of the state of the nursing home, pay close attention to your loved one’s physical health. Has he or she had any unexplained injuries? Often, in cases of nursing home abuse, the patient will present with broken bones, bruises or head injuries. Often, these injuries occur when a patient does not have help walking or doing daily tasks. When someone who cannot typically perform these tasks attempts to do so on his or her own, it leads to accidents. 

Remember to spend time talking to your loved one. Look for any signs that there is a change psychologically. Elderly residents may become afraid of the caregivers. In some instances, you may notice that your loved one is more distant than he or she was before. While not all psychological issues lead back to abuse, it is a common sign.