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Reducing injuries in the oil and gas industries

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2019 | Oil & Gas Injuries

When people think of West Virginia, oil and gas may not be the first industries that come to mind. Nevertheless, many people working in these areas suffer injuries in the state every year. In fact, these injuries are not state-specific. The oil and gas industry remains one of the most dangerous fields to work in nationwide.

One example comes from Forbes. It reports that in 2010, the deadliest U.S. drilling accident occurred in the state of Oklahoma. The explosion claimed the lives of 11 workers. While this is the worst of the lot, it is not a standalone incident. The industry claims 100 lives on average every year. These workers die from not just explosions and structural collapses, but also falls, chronic illnesses and more commonplace workplace accidents.

Oil and gas is seen as one industry in WV. They are pumping oil and gas from the same wells. Is it really one industry?

The good news is that there are measures in place to help reduce injuries in the oil and gas industries. According to MarketWatch, industrial fall protection equipment may prove helpful. As more organizations focus their attention on worker safety, it believes this type of equipment will gain popularity over the next five or so years.

One of the great features about the proposed equipment is the durability. Supporters claim it continues to work under virtually any condition. It can reportedly withstand rain, contamination and even fire. Possible applications include ensuring worker safety during especially dangerous jobs, such as rig setup and pipe positioning. It may even help with rescue missions in confined spaces, such as excavated areas and reserve pits.

The one major downfall in this area is that consolidations through mergers and acquisitions left only a few major game players in the market. This could affect the possibility for competitive pricing in the long run. Time will tell how the market develops.