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Top 5 innovations that help keep motorcyclists safer

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2019 | Uncategorized

The freedom you feel when riding your motorcycle is like nothing else. The only problem is that this kind of freedom comes with a certain amount of danger.

However, designers and manufacturers are always thinking in terms of safety. Here are five innovations that will help you have a safer, more enjoyable ride.

Better helmets

You probably know that the best helmet is one that is DOT-approved, but did you know about helmets with built-in cameras? Now you can eliminate the issue of blind spots and keep tabs on what is going on behind you.

Inflatable vests

Just like airbags in your car, designers have created airbags for vests and jackets. When sensors inside the garments detect an impending collision, the airbag deploys, protecting your chest and vital organs.

Protective boots

Do not disregard the protection that good motorcycle boots offer. Now boots are available with flexible impact technology to help detect the impact of a collision and provide greater protection for your feet and ankles.

Anti-lock braking system

One of the most popular safety features in new cars, the anti-lock braking system, is now available for motorcycles.

Stability control

Braking too hard or accelerating too quickly when rounding a curve can easily result in a crash with injuries. The new stability control systems analyze information such as the lean angle of your motorcycle and traction control to automatically deliver the perfect amount of braking or acceleration you need.

If an accident happens

Unfortunately, you cannot predict what a motorist will do. If a driver hits you, he or she will likely say “I just did not see the motorcycle.” Of course, this is no excuse for negligence. As the accident victim, you have the right to financial compensation to cover medical treatment for any injuries you may have, loss of wages and more. Motorcycle accidents are very common, but taking advantage of the newest safety features will help you increase your odds of remaining safe when you ride.