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Study highlights age-related distracted driving risks

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2019 | Auto Accident Injuries

For most people in West Virginia, Ohio, or anywhere in the United States, the thought of leaving home every day without their mobile phone in their hand, a pocket, a purse or other bag is all but nonexistent. Phones today are a part of everyday life but they can can cause dangerous situations problems for people while driving. Certainly, texting and driving is only one of a myriad of things that can be identified as distracted driving but it continues to be a problem across the nation.

USA Today recently provided a report summarizing the findings of a survey conducted by The Zebra, a company that provides rate quote comparisons for automobile insurance coverage. The survey found that texting continues to be the most common action taken by drivers on their phones. Taking photos and using social media are the next two most common actions taken by people while driving. Amazingly, watching videos or streaming other shows are also done by people while they are actively driving.

When a phone signals that a new message has been received, drivers between the ages of 18 and 37 seem to have a much harder time resisting the urge to read or respond to them than do drivers across all other age ranges. In this 18 to 37 range, 37% of people say they are highly compelled to check messages even when driving. In comparison, the average rate for drivers 16, 17 and 35 and older was 25%.

Some people might find it difficult to ignore a message for fear that they are missing important details related to their jobs. Employers might need to help remind employees that safe driving should come before responding to a message. There are apps available for smart phones that allow drivers to send and automatic reply to a text that indicates they are driving and will respond later. The phone remains silent to the driver when the app is turned on. One of these apps may make for a safer situation while driving.

It is best to just put the phone completely away when driving. There is nothing more important than arriving safe. Do it for your family and the other drivers on the road and their families.