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Two fatal crashes occur within hours at same location

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2019 | Auto Accident Injuries

It is strange enough that two car crashes took place at the same Interstate 64 interchange in Newport News, Virginia, within hours of each other, but the other coincidences involved in the two unrelated accidents become eerie. Each vehicle was traveling in the same direction, each crash resulted in the death of the driver and each involved the same make and model of vehicle. 

Authorities have not cited any connection between the two crashes or common factors that could have contributed to both. Each of the crashes is still under investigation. 

The first accident occurred late Thursday evening. A vehicle traveling westbound on I-64 swerved into a rock wall between on ramps and off ramps after the 28-year-old driver lost control for reasons that are still unclear. The collision caused the vehicle to catch fire, and the driver died at the scene.

The next crash happened nearly two hours later, almost at midnight, while authorities were still at the scene of the first collision. Like the first, the second accident was a single-vehicle crash, and the two vehicles were of the same make and model, although the second vehicle was one model year older. The second vehicle made it onto the exit ramp from the westbound lane of I-64 but went off the road and into a nearby manmade lake when the 39-year-old male driver hit the guardrail after losing control of the vehicle. 

Even in the absence of eerie coincidences, car accidents can be frightening circumstances with often long-lasting effects. Those who have suffered injuries in auto accidents may find it helpful to consult an attorney.