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Why do brain injuries have such variances in symptoms?

A traumatic brain injury is something that you must always take seriously. While they are often mild, there is always a chance the injury is severe and could be life threatening. If you suffer a brain injury, even your doctor in West Virginia may not know the severity right away. That is because the symptoms of a brain injury vary so much.

According to the Mayfield Clinic, brain injury symptoms vary greatly because of a few factors. First, the location of the injury plays a huge role in what symptoms you may have. Different parts of the brain do different things, so if you suffer an injury in a certain area of the brain, it affects the body functions and parts of the body that area controls, but may not affect other body functions or areas.

The extent of the injury also has an effect. In some cases, you may have multiple injuries or a skull fracture, which can cause complications. If your brain swells, this also can alter symptoms.

No two patients are alike. That means a similar injury in two people could affect them differently. This is because other factors about a person contribute to symptoms and effects of the brain injury. For example, your age, gender and health history could alter how your body reacts.

The bottom line is that you cannot assume anything about a brain injury. Your symptoms may seem mild, but your injury may actually be severe. Any brain injury needs a complete check up by a medical professional. This information is for education and is not legal advice.