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What are the dangers of using a snow blower?

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2019 | Product Liability

When the sky opens up and dumps snow down on West Virginia, everyone’s minds turn to the cleanup. After a large snowfall, you and your neighbors begin to dig out. You could use a shovel, but it’s more likely that you will grab your snow blower. A snow blower can get the job done in a matter of minutes whereas a shovel could take hours to clean up the snow. While a snow blower is certainly handy, Consumer Reports notes it can be a dangerous piece of equipment if you do not use it properly.

The biggest risk with a snow blower is that is can throw rocks and other debris up to 30 feet. When you are clearing an area, you should make sure there is nobody in the path of the blower that could get hit by flying debris. It is also helpful to clear the area before the snow falls so it is safe to clean up the snow. Keep in mind that if you live next to a state road that the plows often throw snow back on to your property and when they do they also plow debris and small rocks on your walkways so you need to be very careful in these areas.

Another risk is clearing the chute. You should follow all safety instructions on how to do this. Never just reach in. It can fracture or cut off your hand. You should also be careful with loose clothing, which can get caught in the machine. You will likely be bundled up, which could include wearing a scarf. Make sure it is well wrapped around you and not dangling toward the machine.

You should always wear protective gear when using a snow blower. This includes gloves to protect you from burns on the muffler and protective eye gear. Always keep children away from the equipment even when it is not in use. It can pose a serious injury hazard at any time to a child.

Ohio Valley snowy winters are beautiful, but please be safe. This information is for education and is not legal advice.

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