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Involved in a car accident? What to discuss with your doctor

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2019 | Uncategorized

Even minor car accidents have the capability to seriously injure all parties involved. More serious accidents routinely cause some injury and anyone involved should look out for their own health after a crash. 

One of the most important things to do following an auto accident is to see a doctor right away. You should see a medical professional within 24 hours of the incident. After that, you need to maintain follow-up appointments and adhere to the doctor’s guidelines precisely. Failure to do so can jeopardize your personal injury claim, and more importantly, delay your recovery from the injuries.

Details of the collision 

You need to walk the doctor through precisely what occurred. This includes what type of accident it was, whether you banged your head and whether you lost consciousness. Some injuries may not be readily apparent at first. Your story will inform a doctor about what tests are best to perform. Doctors keep records so the history you give will assist in his care and provide a record of your complaints at various times in your recovery. Memories fade, but records will remain to fill in the gaps. 

Your symptoms 

No symptom is too small to bring to the attention of your doctor. You may think a slight headache is nothing to worry about, but it could be a sign of a concussion. A pain in your neck or back that you never had before may be a sign of underlying injury. You do not want to rule anything out at this stage, and the doctor needs to know everything in order to decide what care is best for you. 

Your treatment 

After examining your symptoms, your doctor will provide you with a treatment plan. While you are still in the office, you should ask questions about the treatment plan, so you can be comfortable. For example, you should absolutely ask whether a prescription for pain medication is for the best, or if something else may be better. In many cases, you have options, and your doctor should review all of them with you. 

Ability to work 

You may naturally feel concerned about whether you can go back to work right away after a car accident. Get a professional’s opinion on the matter. Seeing your doctor also leaves a record and evidence of injury resulting from the accident. You may be able to recover lost wages as part of your claim if you are forced to miss work due to your injuries.