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Vehicle strikes pedestrian at intersection near hospital

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2018 | Auto Accident Injuries

When a vehicle strikes a pedestrian in West Virginia, the hospital is often the next stop for the pedestrian. In an ironic turn of events, an intersection near a hospital in Portsmouth, Virginia was recently the scene of an accident in which a vehicle hit a pedestrian. Responders did not take the woman to the nearby hospital for treatment; due to the extent of her injuries, they instead took her to the trauma center of another facility where she remains in serious condition.

The accident occurred Thursday morning at an intersection in an area that sees a lot of foot traffic from hospital employees crossing the street between the facility’s campus and an adjacent parking area. Representatives of the hospital released a statement expressing concern for the parties involved in the accident but did not confirm whether the pedestrian is an employee of the hospital. 

The area of the intersection, according to residents who live nearby, is dark, particularly at the times when hospital shifts end and employees return to their cars in the evening and in the morning. Neighbors feel that a lighted crosswalk or more signs in the area could help make the area safer for pedestrians. 

It is unknown whether the driver of the vehicle will face charges, nor is it known whether the driver sustained any injuries in the crash. Authorities have confirmed that the driver stayed at the scene following the crash. An investigation by law enforcement into the incident is ongoing.

A crash between a vehicle and a pedestrian can be devastating, and pedestrians often suffer the worst injuries. Those similarly injured in an auto accident, and their families, may wish to speak with an attorney.