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Proper use of child restraints may reduce injuries in an accident

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2018 | Auto Accident Injuries

For parents of young children, there is always something begging their attention and driving in the car is no exception. Often, parents are doing their best to stay focused on the road while answering questions, negotiating arguments and trying to hand food or toys back to their children to keep them content on the drive. While car seats may seem like just another monotonous item on the to-do list, protecting children from debilitating injuries in a car accident in West Virginia can be more doable with the proper application of child restraints designed to keep children safe. 

According to Nationwide Insurance, parents should spend adequate time reading through the owner’s manual on any car seats they purchase for their children. These documents will tell them how to safely install the car seat, provide information about weight and height requirements and give details about the car seat’s manufacturing information including expiration dates and maintenance tips. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests that parents understand and adhere to guidelines for their child’s age regarding a car seat’s position in a vehicle. For example, an infant should be rear-facing and in the back seat in an infant carrier that is properly restrained in a base that is designed to fit the car seat. As the child grows, he or she will graduate to a larger car seat but should remain rear-facing for a significant length of time. Eventually, parents will be able to turn their child forward-facing. From the time children are little, parents should teach the importance of buckling their seatbelt before driving.