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Could technology make offshore drilling safer?

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2018 | Oil & Gas Injuries

There are many dangerous professions in West Virginia. One of the toughest is offshore drilling. Not only are you away from your family but you are also in the middle of a body of water. Getting help or reacting to an emergency is hindered by the job location. Then, there is the risk of working with flammable substances and complex equipment. As much as the industry works to make things safe for employees, it does not stop the many injuries and deaths that occur every year.

However, according to The Next Web, technology may be the solution to keeping oil rig workers safe. Automated monitoring systems are being tested to see if they can help. These systems are able to check and watch over rigs to spot any weaknesses or other issues within the equipment or lines that could lead to explosions, leaks or fires.

Using an automated system enables workers to spot issues before they become a problem. It allows for preventative maintenance to be done that stops a serious incident from occurring and can save lives, along with protecting the environment. These systems are also able to go into areas where humans cannot. Plus, since they are computers, they do not have the risk for making the same errors humans can. They also do not need time off and will not suffer from fatigue or other issues that could make them miss an issue.

While this technology has not been fully rolled out and is still being tested, it could mean great things for the safety future of the industry. This information is for education and is not legal advice.