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What causes common injuries in the oil and gas industry?

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2018 | Oil & Gas Injuries

Working in the oil and gas industry can be very dangerous in West Virginia. As a worker, you should be aware of the common injuries that occur and why. This can help you to be more aware and avoid potential injuries yourself. According to E&E News, most accidents in the oil and gas industry occur due to worker error or not following safety protocols. 

With an increase in safety standards and regulations, along with better adherence to such standards and protocols, the number of severe accidents and injuries in this field can be reduced. What is most alarming about this industry, though, is that the injury rate is low, but the fatality rate is high. The thought is this may be due to supervisors not reporting minor injuries like they do severe injuries. It is much easier to continue working when someone has gotten a bump, scratch or bruise than it is when someone has to be rushed to the hospital with a life-threatening injury. Plus, it is easier for regulations in the industry to manage tracking of severe injuries that require hospitalization, medical care and qualify for workers’ compensation.

The most common injury found in this industry is the loss of fingers and fingertips. This is most often due to getting a hand caught in machinery. Other common injuries were burns due to explosions, falls and being struck by an object. Such injuries are often severe and could also be fatal. This information is for education and is not legal advice.