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Changes in family dynamics make brain injuries challenging

Catastrophic injuries can quickly devastate families because they change the entire dynamic of the home. When you suffer one of these, you must ensure that you are doing what you can to adjust to the changes that are occurring.

Why do brain injuries have such variances in symptoms?

A traumatic brain injury is something that you must always take seriously. While they are often mild, there is always a chance the injury is severe and could be life threatening. If you suffer a brain injury, even your doctor in West Virginia may not know the severity right away. That is because the symptoms of a brain injury vary so much.

What are the levels of spinal cord injuries?

Defining spinal cord injuries helps both doctors and patients understand the extent of the injury. However, the process is not always that easy. The spinal area affects both mobility and sensation. If you have an injury, you may lose both mobility or sensation or just lose one of them. This complicates things for your doctor in West Virginia when it comes to defining the level of your injury.

How can I cope with a traumatic death?

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is never easy. When a death is sudden and especially traumatic, it can be exceedingly difficult to navigate the grieving process. Having the right support is key in this case, as support can provide healthy methods of coping while also enabling you to work through your grief. Psychology Today offers the following advice to help people who’ve experienced tragic and unexpected personal losses.

What is PTSD?

Some mental disorders can occur suddenly in a person who has no family history of them. One of those is post traumatic stress disorder, which is a psychiatric disorder caused by trauma of some type, according to the American Psychiatric Association. PTSD can happen to anyone in West Virginia. Although, it is often associated with people who have serviced in the military, specifically in combat zones, and those who have been through a seriously traumatic experience.

How are damages awarded in a wrongful death case?

Losing someone you love to the negligence of someone else is a horrible situation. While accidents happen all the time, you do have the right to file a wrongful death case in this situation. It is important, though, to understand your rights in West Virginia when filing this type of case.

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