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About 20% of serious medical conditions misdiagnosed

No one knows your body quite like you, and when you feel less than your best, you probably schedule an appointment with your West Virginia physician so he or she can tell you what the problem is and how you can feel better. Regrettably, though, many doctors misdiagnose certain serious medical conditions, and when they do this, it can have serious and potentially even life-threatening repercussions. At Gellner Law Offices, we recognize that some mistakes by doctors constitute medical malpractice, and we have helped many clients figure out whether they have valid malpractice claims after a misdiagnosis. Not all inaccurate diagnosis is malpractice, but an inaccurate diagnosis could be medical negligence if the doctor fell below the standard of care.

According to AARP, medical diagnostic errors are entirely too common, with studies suggesting that they play a role in about 10% of all American patient deaths. Additionally, studies indicate that somewhere between 6% and 17% of all adverse events that occur in hospitals happen because of diagnostic errors, shining a spotlight on just how prevalent medical misdiagnosis actually is.

Because diagnostic errors happen so frequently in American health care settings, safety advocates stress the importance of securing a second opinion. In a recent study of patients who sought second opinions after visiting their primary care physicians, more than 20% of those involved in the study, meanwhile, received an inaccurate medical diagnosis.

When certain health care conditions, including cancer, go undiagnosed, it can have a substantial effect on a patient’s prognosis. Be proactive and get a second opinion if you are not comfortable with your diagnosis. You can learn more about medical malpractice by visiting our webpage.

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